How to slipstream Sharepoint with Service pack 2

After reinstalling my developement environment so it would run on a Windows 2008 server in 64 bit to accomodate the requirements for a future update to Sharepoint 2010, I found my self searching the web for guides on installing Sharepoint on a 2008 box, I've done it before but naturally I have forgot all about how to do it, so here's a guide to how you should go about that.

First you need to download the two updates for WSS and MOSS respectively, 
just save them to any location you prefer, it's not important.

You need to copy all the sharepoint installation files to you harddrive.

open a command prompt and navigate to the folder where the updates are saved and type the following command:

Select the location of you Sharepoint installation files

It's important that you select the Updates folder for the extracted files.

Press OK, a EULA will be shown

Accept the terms and press Continue

Repeat the steps for MOSS SP 2

Select the same folder as before 

Accept the license terms

Verify that all files has been extracted to the Update folder, and you are ready to install Sharepoint

SP 2 is a cumulative update which means that it contains all previously released updates, more info an be found at these KB articles


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His primary focus is on SharePoint and Microsoft online services like Azure and Office 365

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